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Women I Love Today: May 24th, 2010 :: The Women of LOST

Being a Lostie, and after last nights epic series finale, it was only right for me to scour the web for some of my favorite pics of my favorite Women of LOST. First and foremost is Kate Austen, played by Evangeline Lilly… the bad girl gone good gone bad then good again. Second is our favorite Australian pregnant chick, Claire Littleton played by Emile de Ravin, whom I always thought she was cute but check out some of the pics I found of her, yeow! Third on my list is the annoying cocky blond which got killed off early in the series, Shannon Rutherford who was played by Maggie Grace, she was nice eye candy but I think we were all glad she got taken out, too high maintenance to be stuck on an island.


Evangeline Lilly


Emile de Ravin


Maggie Grace

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