Tuesday 21st February 2017,
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Why Dogs are Man’s Best Friend

Ever wonder why Dogs are considered Man’s Best Friend? Let’s go over the reasons.

1. They’re always happy and ready to take the best pictures.

Whether it’s in the car

On the Toilet Paper,

Right side up,

Upside Down,

Or Side Ways…

He might be feeling mellow,

Or Hyper,

But he always has a giant smile

And is ready to look like an idiot with you.

2. They’re always down to dress the part.

3. They’ll play outside with you.

Sometimes they’re not great at it

But sometimes they are…

And it’s awesome.

4. They love chicks and chicks love them.

Your dog will literally pull in girls for you, there is no better wing-man.

5. They love hangin’ and will always be there for you.

They’ll party hard with you…

Get in trouble with you,

And even try to get you out of a jam.

They’ll go to the market with you…

Hell, they’ll even drive you there.

Whenever you need a hug…

Old or sick, they’re there.

They’ll always look out for you, even when you’re sleeping.

They’ll always watch your back,

And lend you a hand…

Whether it’s making the morning coffee,

Or making cookies for the chick coming over.

(Not this kind of chick)

Your dog got you!

Take care of your dog… and he’ll take care of you…

Trust me, they’re a man’s best friend.

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