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Gusto April 28, 2011 Graffiti, Random No Comments on #FreeRevok

The LA police system is really fucked… Revok‘s bail was set at $320,000, where other crimes such as rape have a bail amount about a third of that. It’s nice to see what the LA police system sees as important, with their logic it seems like it’s better to have a rapist roaming the streets than an artist.

A quick news flash to update you on Monday’s post about Revok’s arrest

He has been sentenced to six months in jail according to CBS Los Angeles. Apparently he violated his probation by not paying restitution to his victims. No doubt this is being seen as a victory for the prosecution, but it does make me curious as to what the tax payer cost will be to warehouse Revok for six months? Amazing how California feels all that investigation, prosecution and jail costs for writing on walls is justified considering the state can’t even pay themselves.

via Los Angeles CBS

via 12ozProphet

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